October/2014 wines...

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    October/2014 wines...

    - La Amistad 2011. Viñedos Culturales. DO Alicante
    Transubstantiation of a silky strawberry candy into wine. More!!

    - Domaine Bernard Baudry 2009. AOC Chinon (12 EUR)
    Autumn epitome. Touch of fruit under black olives, wet leaves (is ‘undergrowth’ the right word?) and quite animal. Autumn, autumn, autumn. More!

    - As Furnias 2012. Vino de Mesa. Crecente-Lugo. Ovidio Meloso Montero (12,5 EUR)
    Quite far of the wine I remember from a preceding vintage. It’s not bad, it’s just different of the expected. However it’s a nice quaff. Rustic, rude every other moment, slightly wild. More!

    - Contino Blanco 2009. Viñedos del Contino. DOC Rioja (20.24 EUR)
    It’s not one of those wines I would run to buy a case, but it’s more than just a mere easy quaff. More? Less? Nice wine. I wouldn’t deny a second glass, but I miss many things.

    - Pierre Bourée 2010. AOC Bourgogne. (16-17 EUR)
    I wonder why I do not drink this wine every other day. More!!!

    - Dominique Piron Morgon Cote du Py 2010 (15.2 EUR)
    I find the kind of wine I needed. Soft despite its slight rusticity with an herbaceous hint. More!

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    Of those wines I only know the Contino.
    I like this wine also. I agree it's not a by the case wine for me either but along with Abel Mendoza LdeH
    and Capellania it's among the Rioja whites I'd be happy to drink.

    I don't know the Piron Cote du Py but I like the Foillard very much.

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    Re: October/2014 wines...

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    Hi Ray,

    from my point of view Contino Blanco is a step behind those others. I would buy a second bottle of Capellania and LdH, for sure, but I dare I wouldn't do that for Contino. I don't have ever tasted Abel Mendoza white, so I have no opinion.

    Piron is one of my usual suspects from Bojo. Love them.



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