April/2014 wines...

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    April/2014 wines...

    - Muga Rosado 2013. Bodegas Muga. DOC Rioja (5,63 EUR)
    It’s really nice currently, but I hope it improves next months. Just a mere hope, without any reason to sustain it. Anyway it’s enoughly nice right now to uncork bottles by the case.

    - Syrah d'Ogier 2011. Stephane Ogier. IGP Collines Rhodaniennes (13-14 EUR)
    Nice syrah! Black olives, thym, Rosemary, oregano… Country walking under a warm spring sun. More!

    - L'Anglore Terre D'Ombre 2012. Eric Pfifferling. Vin de France.
    Nice! One of those wines really beautiful without any kind of make-up. I only miss a nudge of acidity. More!!

    - Acodo Blanco 2010. Bodega Basilio Izquierdo. DOC Rioja. (12,3 EUR)
    Maybe the Acodo I’ve enjoyed the most. Nice white wine that improves the second day.

    - Brouilly G. Descombes 2012. AOC Brouilly. (14-15 EUR)
    If Jerez, Champagne, Jura and a bunch of zones and vintners wouldn’t exist I would ask for having a Beaujolais passport. More!!!

    - Aire en el Patio 2012. Vinos Patio - Samuel Cano. (8,6 EUR)
    Many vintages without drinking. It’s cleaner and brigther than the vintages I remember years ago. It’s an easy quaff, but it gives less than I expected.

    - Lecea Clarete 2012. Bodegas Lecea. DOC Rioja (3,5 EUR)
    Pillow, penicillin, croquettes, this wine... great inventions! More!

    - Capellanía 2005. Marqués de Murrieta. DOC Rioja (17.5 EUR)
    ‘Semanasantero’ (you know, Semana Santa is that traditional name that you name as Easter). Maybe it’s just ‘cos I’m young and impressionable… hmm… well, I’me neither young nor impressionable, but this wine tastes quite ‘semanasantero’ with hints of sandalwood, cinnamon and incense. It’s in a good moment.

    - Luna Beberide Mencía 2013. DO Bierzo. (4,61 EUR)
    Strawberries including its stalk. More!



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