July/2013 wines.

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    July/2013 wines.

    - Pago del Vicario Petit Verdot Rosado 2012. VT de Castilla (5,31 EUR)
    Wonderful hue. It tastes and smell good. Hmm... let me see how to say this... the alcohol is a hell! Out of balance in spite of how cold you serve it. And, of course, after a glass and a half you've finished of drinking it.

    - Pierre Moncuit, Blanc de Blancs, 1999. Bodega Pierre Moncuit. AOC Champagne (33,45 EUR)
    Drinking champagne is one of those things that improves your health and makes your life easier and happier.
    When you (consciously) forget a bottle and it shows as this one, you know that it worth every minute of waiting. Oxidative hints, yes, but also nuts, bread crust and chalk (yes, even a dull like me is able of finding chalk smell; of the one used in the school when I was a child). Long, very long. If any of you have a bottle of this stuff store it, because it has showed that it’ll last, evolve and improve for a long time yet.

    - Manzanilla Sacristía AB. 2ª Saca del 2012 (3/8 bottle. 12,35 EUR)
    The way the sea caress. It's just that. It's the intense character, salty, wide and depth, but it doesn't show an explosion or any pungent character, but it does in a smooth way. A sea-caressing sip.

    - Tio Pepe Fino en Rama. González-Byass. DO Jerez-Sherry-Xeres (11,9 EUR)
    Bottled April/2013
    Direct, intense, long. Fino! More!

    - Gran Feudo Rosado Sobre Lías 2011. Bodega Julián Chivite. DO Navarra (6,53 EUR)
    Precise. Nothing up or down. Everything in its right place and. Despite its lack of imperfection I'd drink more!

    - Sierra Cantabria Rosado 2012. DOC Rioja (5,7 EUR)
    Nice. I miss a bit of acidity, but the final touch of bitterness makes you feel better.

    - Muga Rosado 2012. Bodegas Muga. DOC Rioja (6,5 EUR)
    It seems that is one of that good vintages that makes this a vibrant wine. Those red fruits around a looooong acidity. More!!!

    - Muscat Sumarroca 2012. DO Penedés (7,9 EUR)
    Well, let me admit I don't use to like all those wines parfum-like. What happen with this one? I don't know why, but I do really enjoy it. Yes, it's really aromatic but not cloying and with its acidity and touch of bitterness is one of those wines that improves your summer. More!

    - David Moreno Rosado 2012. DOC Rioja (3,9 EUR)
    Labeled as rosado, but you can pronounce clarete. Fresh, vivid and really nice quaff. One of those wines that you enjoy glass after glass and gives more than you expect. More!



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