April/2013 wines...

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    April/2013 wines...

    - Guy Bossard - Cépage Cabernet Franc 2006. Domaine de l'Ecu. VDPDJDF. (6,9 EUR)
    Great wine! Didn’t said before? So it’s time to tell it: What a great wine!

    - Navazos-Niepoort 2011. Equipo Navazos.
    Well, I feel it’s better than preceding vintages, but. It’s a good quaff, easy quaff, easy to be paired, not so bad… but.

    - Blanco Nieva Verdejo Pie Franco 2010. Viñedos de Nieva. DO Rueda (8,6 EUR)
    Excellent! As soon as you finish the bottle you do your best effort for no to uncork a second one.

    - Domaine Lafouge Aligoté 2010. AOC Bourgogne Aligoté. (12.5 EUR)
    It's my first aligoté, so I don't have any previous idea about how it should smell or taste or how we both should behave to each other. It's a touch of everything. Fruit behind a herbaceous veil. Hints of slight bitterness and acidity that appears fromt the whole. Really nice.

    - Viña Gravonia Crianza 1998. López de Heredia. DOC Rioja (9 EUR)
    Always greets you the chapel smell. Then? That good old friend, always kind, always standing up. More!!!

    - El Morrón 2011. Viñedos Culturales - Bernabé Navarro. DO Alicante (9,85 EUR)
    Beaujolais is pronounced Alicante. Alicante is pronounced Beaujolais. More!!!



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