September/2012 wines.

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    September/2012 wines.

    - A Priori. Bodega Josep Colet y Orga. DO Penedes.
    (Date in the cork 09-11)
    Refreshing without being a complex wine. It's good, but I enjoyed much more preceding vintages and even more if I bear in mind how good are its brothers.

    - Bernard Baudry Chinon Blanc 2010 (12.8 EUR)
    Thirsty? So drink! 'cos these months in bottle have turned this wine in a quite refrishing one, that quench your thirst; a good entertainment.

    - Viña AB Amontillado. González-Byass. DO Jerez y Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda (8,6 EUR)
    Again? Yep, I alway say the same: Why I don't drink this wine more often??? It's absolutely great! I have to drink it more often. I have to drink it more often. I have to drink it more often I must drink it more often!!!

    - Pago del Vicario Petit Verdot Rosado 2011. VdT de Castilla (5,92 EUR)
    Hmmm... well, it's ok, it's a nice rosé but... ouch! the alcohol is a kick in the ass.

    - Solà Fred Rosat 2011. Celler Masroig. DO Montsant. (6-7 EUR)
    … impromptu. So you need a bottle for things that happen in summer and this wine is good for this. Enough stuff to a nice wine, but enoughly calm for not to claim attention disturbing in the table, food and talks.

    - Erre de Herrero Verdejo 2011. Bodega Herrero Vedel S.L. DO Rueda (6 EUR aprox)
    A nice verdejo, with the full character it must have, but without the excess we can find in the verdejo lakes here and there. Good.

    - Muga Rosado 2011. Bodegas Muga. DOC Rioja (5,61 EUR)
    A bottle per month and despite it's slightly under my expectations it's a very, very, good quaff.

    - Viña Aljibes Rosado Syrah 2011. VdT de Castilla (3,95 EUR)
    The green hints at first steps of this summer seem blurred now. It's an excelent QPR yet.

    - Dönnhoff Grauschiefer 2006 Kabinett Troken. Nahe.
    You're happy of waiting for this wine, 'cos when it's uncorked it looks as if it was waiting for you. You know where it's when minutes after the last sip its flavour remains.

    - Pinon Brut Non Dosé. AOC Vouvray. (11.56 EUR)
    Time gives it calm and despite it's a wine full of vividness the roughness hints of its youth turned into cream.

    - Jarrarte 2007. Bodega Abel Mendoza Monge. DOC Rioja.
    The cherries smell is not a clue of its character. Its strength doesn’t come from the overripeness or concentration and all the fuss. It’s light sip, but full of energy and vividness. It’s like that kind of people that look tiny and even fragile, but are always hectic moving here and there with all the energy in a real productive manner. More!



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