Real bottle Nº 0461/1115


Clear, pale, white wine lemon coloured, with tears (medium gliceric). Non bubbles, not hazy.


Clean, medium+ intensity.

Floral, chamomile and lavander, tea, Dried fruit like apricot, banana.

Tertiary from oak barriques: vanilla, carbon and smoke, vegetal.


Mouthfilling.... creamy an nutty.

Dry, medium tannins, high alcohol, medium acidity (albillo). Medium plus body. Medium+ intensity flavours.

Fruity (quince, apricot, plum), some of caramel, vanilla, fennel, aniseed flavours. 

Oak is present: Medium+ almonds, nuts and caramel

Medium finish, mouthcoating.


Good to Very good quality, beacuse medium acidity and the alcohol is not completely integrated. The intensity is good, with complex aromas and flavours, good medium finish, longer than the media.Oak is too much present, and because of youthness, we need wait 1 year to drink in optimus condition (potential for ageing). 


Pork tenderloin in salt crust, apple-cinnamon pure and "crunchy" Very old parmesano Reggiano.


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    Javier Azcona

    24 HOURS.-
    Dry, mouthfilling, high alcohol 14,5%, medium tannins.
    Fruit: Banana, yellow plum, apple, pear, apricot, quince, Williams liquor. Grassy.
    Herbal: Mint, pippermint. Flint and thyme.
    Tannins: a bit waxy, silky.
    Good volume.
    Medium finish.

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