Clear, rosé onion skin, medium intensity, with legs and gliceric tears.

Clean, medium plus intensity.

Flowers (rose), cream, yoghurt, caramel, banana. Perfumed, overall primary and yeasty (chesse). Youthful, and developing.


Dry, medium+alcohol and noticeable, medium acidity, medium taninns, soft and creamy in mouth-palate.

Medium body to medium plus. Intensity medium with secondary flavours like cream, chesse (Gouda, camembert). Red fruits like strawberry, raspberry.

So...flowers like rose, violet. White peach hints.

Secondary postfermentation: Chesse, cream, yoghurt.

Medium finish strawberry-caramel flavour.



Very good Quality, very good acidity and balance alcohol-sugar. medium plus finish, medium complex, some vegetal flavours from Merlot and 2 years for ageing, but you can drink now.

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    Javier Azcona

    24 hours.-
    Medium + intensity in my nose, clean, and creamy. Caramel of violet. Cinnamon. Milky.
    Dry, alcohol medium, acidity medium, soft tannins. Good volume, complex, creamy, and lactic (maybe MLF).
    Strawberry yoghurt, grapefruit, banana, caramel. Floral: Rose, Violet.
    Medium plus finish.
    Very good quality.

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