Well executed but no soul

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the food at La Sucursal, and nothing was overcooked, nor undercooked, and everything was well presented. But as I wrote in my headline I just didn't see any soul in the food, nor any real depth of flavour. I never felt the bliss I often feel when I eat really good food. Two courses did come somewhat close to making me feel blissful though: The cuttlefish with ink consomme and the first dessert a la piña colada.
I didn't feel as pampered here as I've done at certain other restaurants, but the service was friendly and attentive as could be expected. One thing I really liked was that when I described what types of wines I liked, the sommelier brought two bottles each of red and white for us to try, so we could decide.
I've been to 10 restaurants with Michelin stars, and three have easily been the worst: Era Ora in Copenhagen, Daniel in New York (which even holds three stars), and, sadly, La Surcusal.

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    one of the priorities that needs a Restaurant is precisely this and much more comments with similar characteristic of positive critique.......

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    I didn't understand your comment, F.H.U.
    Do you mean that in general restaurants needs more flavour or that they need more reviews like mine?

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    I just have tried to say that the comments like yours with turned out surely more positive than negative are those who demonstrate the work and ' savoir faire ' and therefore the implicated Restaurant must consider to continue his best trajectory ( kitchen team and Rest.area team,etc..) directed to the well-being of future guest.
    Thanks for your attention
    Kind regards

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