Jacob’s Creek screwcap

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    Yep... but I use to think that we’re...

    The big minority ;) How do you think that the no-oeno-geeks see this change to screwcap overthere? In Spain... quite slow market for this changes and I think that they’ll have problems to sell these screwcapped wines if they don’t make a marketing effort.



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    Re: Yep... but I use to think that we’re...

    Today, I was talking with a group of wine drinkers here in the United States and most of them would prefer it if more Spanish white wines arrived here with screwcaps rather than cork.

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    Re: Yep... but I use to think that we’re...

    At the start people (i.e. non wine geeks!) mostly thought of screwcaps as cheap. But because of all the quality wine from good producers now in screwcap - now almost 100% of all wine from NZ and a number of good Australian + S African producers too, as well as some top European ones like Ernie Loosen, who is now bottling Rieslings capable of ageing at least 20 years exclusively in screwcap - I think that perception has changed.

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    Loosen bottling screwcap for aging? Woah!

    Do you know if he’s made some experiment or the consummer is the experiment itself? It’d be very interesting to know this point, ’cos IMNSHO I won’t buy any bottle of any winery that use us as an experiment. If they wines age nicely when screwcapped, great! But if they don’t have checked it before... what kind of lack of ethic is this???

    Thanks and regards,


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    But what’s the reason for this...

    Preference? I’m pretty sure that if a make a survey between not winegeeks they’ll look me from head to toe and their answer would be a sort of tradition, but what’s the point when the screwcap is the preferred one?

    Thanks and regards,


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    Paco Higón
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    So that’s perfect...

    Screw caps in the wine to be exported to the USA and corks in the Spanish market. But, to be consequent I only will buy foreign wines when they use corks.... (at least with medium to high priced ones).

    Verema.com & pacohigon.wordpress.com

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    Re: So that’s perfect...

    I think there is quite a bit of evidence on ageing with screwcap - the Australians have done quite a lot, I think. No one (apart from Loosen) seems to be ageing their keepers in screwcap (yet, at least), but how many wines do we keep beyond five years or so? Ok, probably quite a lot for us geeks, but most people - no way! I would have to think Loosen knows what he’s doing. Personally I’d rather have screwcap for wines to be drunk young, for obvious reasons, and most wine geeks here seem to feel the same.

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    Many wines indeed for more than 5 years...

    We’re winegeeks for sure buuuut... well, it’s a risk I won’t pay and if this bet from Loosen doesn’t goes so well he will loose not only fast money (the regular incoming from young wines) but their reputation as winery making wines that worth ageing for more than... 5 years! ;)



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