Jacob’s Creek screwcap

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    Jacob’s Creek screwcap

    It has been a while I participated in this forum. I just came across this article. Something to think about for the Spanish wineries, especially if they want to succeed in the export market.


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    Paco Higón
    en respuesta a Guiri 1

    Mmmm, quite interesting... especially the comments about ...

    The post...

    Anyway I do not think that is a good idea to change from corks to screw caps... instead I have just decided not to buy any premium wine from Jacob’s Creek, for social, ecological and health reasons, cork is a far better option... at least till they do not probe the contrary ;-)

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    en respuesta a Guiri 1

    If USA or Australia...

    Would produce natural cork, we wouldn’t talk about this issue at all. Money, as usual #-/



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    en respuesta a jose 3

    Re: If USA or Australia...

    Not really any news, is it? Jacobs Creek don’t make good wine, and many far better Oz and NZ producers have been screwcapping pretty much everything for a few years now.

    Btw, all Viña Sol and Viña Esmeralda sold in the UK is now under screwcap. I think soon we will start to see Ruedas etc in screwcap too.

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    en respuesta a suiko 4

    Re: If USA or Australia...

    Hi suiko, that’s exactly my point. I’m not discussing the quality of the wines of Jacobs Creek. My question is: When will spanish producers start with the screw cap? The market is asking for it, especially for young wines. And Spain has a lot of good young wines to sell! I’m not in favour of only the screw cap or only cork, but I do like to see Spanish wines having a lot of succes world wide.

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    en respuesta a Guiri 5

    But does the consumers really look for this?

    I mean, the consumers goes to the shop and think: I’m going to look for any nice wine with screwcap.
    Well, it’s ok to avoid TCA problems, mostly in cheap and little-window-consumption wines, but look for wines with screw cap just because it’s, at least, astonishing, isn’t it?



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    en respuesta a jose 6

    Re: But does the consumers really look for this?

    Hi Jose, I´m a regular wine drinker and I should like the cork more than the screw cap. Of course I do not mind to get the cork screw and the pull the cork out. It is part of a ritual I like. Now, imagine someone who is not a regular wine drinker, why should he care about a cork or a screw cap. The only thing he wants is to open the bottle as easy as possible. That’s how 80% of the consumers drink 80% of the wine. No complications, wine is just a drink. I never thought of La Ina or Fino Quinta as an inferior sherry when they introduced the screw cap.

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    en respuesta a Guiri 7

    Re: But does the consumers really look for this?

    Guiri is right. And we need to remember that a number of prominent wine writers here in UK at least) are always going on about how wonderful the screwcap is. Wine here is prime tiem TV nowadays, remember!

    Personally I prefer the cork aesthetically speaking, of course. But I must admit there are times when I’d rather have a screwcap, like for picnics. This is a big issue now too with restrictions on carrying a corkscrew in hand luggage on planes - I would never consider travelling with anything but hand luggage.

    And after all, the screwcap doesn’t really have any disadvantages for young wines at the cheaper end of the market (i.e well over 90% of all wine consumed). It’s very clear that the cork is finished for these wines. In ten years it will a mere curiosity in these wines.

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