Bodega Cooperativa Vinícola de Sarral


País: España

D.O./Zona: D.O. Conca de Barberà, D.O. Cava

Localidad: 00000 Sarral (Tarragona)

Dirección: Av. de la Conca, 33.

Portell Wines_Cooperativa Vinicola de Sarral

I visited this vineyard with a friend years ago, and wanted to know a bit more about how it and its wines are regarded? As I recall, my friend who is Spanish, indicated that they were an older vineyard, from the turn of the century, and they had very good production. But I have never really seen any information, or ratings on their wines since. Is most of its wine sold to other companies for blending, or are this winery and its product regarded favorably? How are their Cava’s? Are their whites or their reds considered better? How does this vineyard’s wines compare to the others in Conca de Barbera? Do they export or is it more of a domestic wine in Spain? I would appreciate any insights, as I spent a fun afternoon there, but have never...

Usan uno de los varietales autóctonos, el trepat para elaborar su vino rosado.
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