What should I seek out ?

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    What should I seek out ?

    Off to a big Spanish wine tasting in London this week
    and I wonder if there is anything new or an established wine that is back on top form
    that I should not miss.
    any thoughts ??

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    en respuesta a RayQ 1

    Re: What should I seek out ?

    Hi RayQ, Do you have any idea how many winw producers are going, and who they are?

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    en respuesta a Guiri 2


    No, sadly not !
    but it is a large trade fair so most of the ";big boys";
    and apparently over 50 seeking distribution in the UK

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    Paco Higón
    en respuesta a RayQ 3

    Re: Producers

    Maybe Ossian.... a quite interesting oaked white from Rueda... a personal project from Javier Zacagnini (Aalto)....

    Or the new Beryna Selección....

    Or the Ribeiro San Clodio a project form a well known Spanish film director....

    Let us know about your findings...

    Verema.com & pacohigon.wordpress.com

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