July/2012 wines...

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    July/2012 wines...

    - Bernard Baudry Chinon Blanc 2010 (12.8 EUR)
    Good. One of those wines that you uncork without paying too much attention, 'cos it's quench your thirst and you'll uncork again even when you aren't thirsty.

    - Pricum Rosado Barrica 2010. Bodegas Margón. DO Tierra de León (9,4 EUR)
    Round-shaped. It's a good wine, absolutely round-shaped and bearing in mind what it means to me. I don't find the hint to the price...

    - Gatinois Brut Rosé. AOC Champagne.
    The most enjoyable bottle drank 'til now. Acidity, creamy, refreshing.

    - La Bota de Manzanilla 16. Equipo Navazos. DO Jerez y Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda
    It tastes to me more fino than manzanilla, or at least it how I feel it and whatever it means. Darker, less fresh and joyful, more serious and firm. Promenade walking instead sea and sand.

    - Enate Rosado 2011. Bodegas Enate. DO Somontano (6.38 EUR)
    More freshness than preceding vintages. Green notes that goes to watermelon skin. Nice.

    - Ovni 2011. Equipo Navazos. DO Montilla-Moriles (8,9 EUR)
    I don't know where is all I found in the preceding bottle, but this one have no trace of it. All I found is a flabby wine.

    - Lecea 2010. Bodegas Lecea. DOC Rioja (3 EUR)
    Indispensable. I wonder how many wines or winemakers are hidden overthere; how many of them waiting for being rediscovered. Return to the forgotten clarete , the unknown clarete as a real fact of the spanish wine culture. More!!!!

    - Francois Pinon Brut. AOC Vouvray. (10.62 EUR)
    It’s said that riesling and pinot noir have their own throne; vines that are beyond human and divine condition. Notwithstanding there’s a third vine, versatile, that gives wines of every condition, for every situation. Vine with no throne, but that fills our glasses. Vine that gives wines like this sparkling wine, a great refreshment for the hottest and arid summer. More!

    - Muga Blanco Fermentado en Barrica 2011. Bodegas Muga. DOC Rioja (7,85 EUR)
    Taking the right distance. As far as it’s a barrel fermented wine I always stored for about a year. Good, but I never felt enoughly comfortable. Additionally I expected a bunch of raw wood in case I’d have uncorked the same year that it was released. This vintage I’ve tried this last option and I’ve found a nice wine, with no disturbing oak but a silky texture wrapping a long acidity. Very nice.

    - Carles Andreu Trepat 2010. Celler Carles Andreu. DO Conca de Barberà (11.2 EUR)
    Red wine in summer? When it’s so mouthwatering like this, always yes!!! As usual it’s a very easy quaff and spicy hints. After some time bottled it’s added a nice cream-silky texture. More!!!



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