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    Dueto (de Fontana)
    This is ";for Paco with love"; because it’s a superheavy bottle fetching 30€ in the market, from La Mancha, and not worth it. Cabernet/Merlot blend with polished palate and interesting nose of black fruits, nowhere near overdone in the modern paradigm, with savory finish...but overall unnecessary, really. And I normally enjoy Fontana products a great deal, and their Gran Fontal is great for just 11€, but this is much too overpriced. 88

    Domaine de l’Ecu...tararí...tarará...Orthogneiss 2002
    Lanjarón-decanted (ie. poured into a 1 1/2 lt. bottle of water and then into the refrigerator for six hours) this showed an amazingly interesting mineral nose, much more expressive than the gneiss was last year at the Albufera. There is evident fruit but one gets the feeling that the superb 2002 vintage accounts for most of it. Excellent acidity, ultradeep mineral core, steely stuff really. A beauty. 90

    BTW I’ve found an alarming phenomenon in the English Tasting Notes section. I hope this is an isolated case. You know who you are...

    Juan Such
    en respuesta a Paco Higón

    Orthogneiss 2002

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    Paco, you tasted it on 2004 (as put in the TN) or 2005?

    Definetely, this wine seems to need a lot of bottle or, if you are impatient, a lot of air, The ’Lanjaron’ method seems interesting to avoid a decanter in the fridge. But I don’t like this aggresive methods. What about opening the bottle and sipping a small glass one or two days in advance?

    Paco Higón
    en respuesta a Juan Such

    Re: Orthogneiss 2002

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    I made a mistake (just solved :-)) I drunk it on January 2005.

    I like to taste this kind of wine after a lot of aeration.... so they express far better.... but I do not like the so-called ";Lanjaron method"; I prefer non agressive aeration methods.... like just opening the bottle one day before.... I try just one glass on the first day and leave the rest of the bottle for the second (and/or) third day....

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