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    Juan Such
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    2-3 weeks of calm

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    So, your two experiences (Aurora en rama and San León Reserva de Familia) suggest that we must refrain from opening bottles of recently purchased manzanilla at least two weeks.

    I’m planning for next spring to start comparing Aurora en rama, Aurora, San León reserva de familia, Solear and Solear en rama saca de primavera.

    Any more candidates for ";Manzanilla of the Year";? I don’t know, for instance, Pastrana, Barbiana (can be bought at source?) or La Goya pasada.

    Álvaro Girón
    en respuesta a Juan Such

    Re: 2-3 weeks of calm

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    Yes, apparently this is what my recent experience tell us. But, as you already know, everything linked with this type of wines is highly hypothetical. Anyway, everyone here has been sufficiently lectured about the advisability of waiting at least 15 days before uncorking a bottle of wine which had suffered the utterly inconvenient process of travelling. So, the very same thing applies to manzanillas/finos.

    On the other hand, yes, you can purchase both Goya/Barbiana directly from Zuleta. Recently, Victorbcn ordered a few cases of Zuleta’s range, so he can give you further details. I think that buying Pastrana -which, incidentally, plays in the underpopulated league of finos amontillados or ";real"; manzanillas pasadas- should not be a problem.

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