Maybe a silly question...

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    Re: Ok, Ok, terrible translation...

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    That’s OK, as a proponent of mestizaje in most of its forms, I like to see all the seintersting deformations of English in its transformation into an international language!

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    This one is brilliant ;)

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    ... or maybe ";leeve river"; (with a grammar mistake in the Spanish version ;)


    ps.- I am checking if I can write here also ;) ... I sort of discovered that I can introduce things in if I hit ";send"; more than once if it gets stuck ...

    Paco Higón
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    Re: Ok, Ok, terrible translation...

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    Jejeje, it’s not only ";peculiar"; but it also results ";familiar"; to me..... Has any ";forumite"; gained access to our control panel ???We’ll ";from the lost to the river";....... (that’s the Spanglish translation of: ";in for a penny, in for a pound";.... ;)))

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    I did not know the British counterpart, thanks!

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    ... and it seems more obvious than the Spanish one .... for the English Speakers, our saying might be maybe translated as ";once lost, lets head to the river"; ... or something similar. The ";slang"; version is a word-by-word funy translation, as when we say ";if, between"; to mean ";yes, come in"; ... lenguages are really fun ;)


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    Sometimes it guide us to fun misinterpretations...

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    Today one of my colleagues (spanish, of course ;) has been saying ";falling"; for a while (cayendo in spanish) talking about the error that appears in a pop-up window... Well... the real word was ";failing"; #)
    I thought I was the only one who use to make this kind of mistakes ;)))



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