Sort of a poll> What guides you to buy new wines...

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    That’s cheating!

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    Nobody’s talking Unicos here, just criticizing the newcomers :^)
    Pesus can be bought in Spain for around 250€ (1999). And Pingus is rarely under 500€. And the latest-release of Unico around 125-150€.

    I’m decidedly with Jose on this, of course (Pingus= 8x Valbuena)
    (Valbuena= 2x Hacienda Monasterio)...etc

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    Re: Sort of a poll> What guides you to buy new wines...

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    Mostly the forum(s) ... also travelling to a different region makes me try as many as I can from that region, and even more so when a travel to a different country. I’m always curious a about unknown (to me) varieties of grapes ... and last, when I go ";wine grocery shopping"; I always get tempted by strange wines that are not expensive .... occasionly I also get curious about wines I read about in journals and books.


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