7 Spanish Wines

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    Iñaki Blasco
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    I liked very much Calvario 1999, not so much 2000 vintage, and lesser than his older brothers Calvario 2001. It’s a good wine, riped, fruity, but ... walking through the edge of simplicity. It’s an easy wine to drink, but not so easy to buy. Good wine but with bad QPR.

    About Astrales, like Walt, I’m waiting better times of fruitness. Now it’s so vigorous...

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    I agree with Walt and Iñaki.

    Calvario 99 stunned me but not the 2000 one. I find it overripped, thick and plain. However, if you wanna enjoy an excellent Rioja 2000 you’d better try the Allende Aurus 00. It’s more expensive than Calvario but it’s worth trying if you prefer ";atlantic"; wines


    Gonzalo Lainez (Bodegas Roda)

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    Re: 7 Spanish Wines

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    I think I agree with these comments. I did not try the ’99 Calvario, but I think it is still available here in the US and I will try it.

    The 2001 Astrales improved noticably from when I first tried it a few months ago. Part of that change was travel-related bottle shock, but I also think the power of the fruit is slowly starting to come through. In 5-6 years this could be amazing.

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    More Info about Mancuso...

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    First of all, the wine I tasted was the 2002 - with the denomination of Garnacha del Jarque, the region is Jarque del Moncayo. Apparently in very very old vineyards of Grenache in this region people always planted some small amounts of Monastrell and Tempranillo. Mucuso 2001 has an estimated 2% Monastrell and 1 % Tempranillo - so it is essentially a monovarietal. This is a new project of Carlos San Pedro, owner of Pujanza, and his partner Jorge Navascueces, son of the famous oenologist Jesus Navascueces. Now they owns 10 Hectares od vineyards which they purchased in differernt times. The Mancuso 2002 was made from grapes from 5 hectares of vineyards and the total production was 3,926 bottles, so the yields are very very low.
    The Mancuso 2002 was fermented in small american oak vats (2,000 liters) for 8 days and then the wine was aged for 10 months in new French oak.

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