Happy New Year 2004!

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    Happy New Year 2004!

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    Welcome to everybody in this English-version of the Verema.com website.

    As we explain in ’Who we are’ (https://www.verema.com/en/verema/whoweare.asp) this website and forum if for any enthusiast or professional who wants to read about the wine world (in particular, Spanish wines) or share his or her knowledge and experience with other enthusiasts.

    Your comments about wine and food are welcomed!

    And a very happy New year 2004!

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    Re: Happy New Year 2004!

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    Veremic?? jeje. You are so funny, Gastro.

    Have a happy new year you and all the members of this community.

    About wine... today i have tasted Vega Sicilia Unico 1986... i put my taste notes in the section ";Tasting notes"; tomorrow, i think... great wine, complet wine,which inspire to me remembers full of sense. marvellous.
    after, i have tastes a ";Tokaji Aszú 3 puttonyos, 1987";... well, i think is a very good wine, but it doesnt love to me.

    i have to learn some tasting words, and wine vocabulary, i know :-))



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    Re: Happy New Year 2004!

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    It’s nice to read you in english (double work now :^). Hope this place gets crowed with lots of new english speaking friends (Gastro you don’t count :^) although your english is perfect).


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