November/2013 wines...

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    November/2013 wines...

    - Gorrondona Tinto 2012. Bodega Doniene Gorrondona. Bizkaiko Txakolina (12 EUR)
    Cold wind wrapping a stone made with red fruit, shrub layer and spicies. More!

    - Muscat Sumarroca 2012. DO Penedès (8 EUR)
    Can you believe how glad I am of finding again this wine? Without any noise it's always there for a second glass. More!

    - Lecea Clarete 2012. DOC Rioja (4,5 EUR)
    Well, how to say this? Just this wine justify everwine drank ‘til reach it. Absolutely great.

    - David Moreno Rosado 2012. DOC Rioja (3,9 EUR)
    It’s really improved in the last couple of months. It’s really good on summer but now it’s just superb! More!!!

    - Bernard Baudry Les Granges 2009 (10 - 11 EUR)
    Mustang for a nice Sunday walking. Yep, it’s like those mustang horses full of character and strength, but showing its tamed face for the Sunday walking. More of this stuff!!

    - Mas de Daumas Gassac 2006. Vin de Pays de L'Herault. (28.05 EUR)
    It’s every ítem it must have to be the wine that pretends to be, but maybe it’s the problem. Maybe with less of everything (and pretentiousness) but a bit more of freshness as its little brothers and I’d enjoy much more.

    - Los Cipreses de Usaldón 2011. Viñedos Culturales. DO Alicante (12-13 EUR)
    Walking by the scrubland, eating strawberries and sherries. Nothing else… ¡¡¡ More !!!

    - Beryna Crianza 2010. Bodegas Bernabé Navarro. DO Alicante (9 EUR aprox)
    Clean and round-shaped puppy fat. Fine quaff.

    - L'Inconscient 2011. Les Cousins Marc & Adrià. DOQ Priorat (10-11 EUR)
    I don’t use to drink this kind of wines, or from this DO. But this one it’s ok. Well, it’s not a wine that drives you nut, or just a wine for winegeeks looking for the last big thing, but I would drink it again.

    - Casa Gualda Syrah 2011. Ntra. Sra. de la Cabeza S. Coop. CLM. DO Ribera del Júcar (2,5 EUR)
    Great surprise! Light, full of fruit, spicy and herbal hints. More!!

    - Château Sainte Anne, Cuvée Cimay 2005. AOC Bandol (14.9 EUR from 27 EUR)
    The animal hints that appear when uncorked wrap a round-shaped wine. Correctness. Just correctness.



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