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Off-topic: Let me have a coffe.

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    Off-topic: Let me have a coffe.

    Hi all,
    do you like coffee? I cant live without it!
    Some of my friends now how cafeine-addict I am and they now that I use to use to be touched slightly by sybaritism. Therefore he’s asked me about any suggestion about coffe machines. He’s thinking about Rowenta Adaggio ES 170 and Rowenta Neo ES-4000.
    Do you have any suggestion (not only about these models)?

    Thanks and regards,


  2. 2
    en respuesta a jose 1

    Re: Off-topic: Let me have a coffe.

    Don’t know these models.
    A discussion on a uk wine web-site had very high praise for the nespresso machines and coffees. I have tried them and they are very good.

    I use a stove top coffee pot bought in Spain.

  3. 3
    en respuesta a RayQ 2

    Re: Off-topic: Let me have a coffe.

    Get a Gaggia! The small ones are only about 100 pounds here. I used to use the Spanish type of stovetop pot, but could never use it any more since I got the Gaggia.

  4. 4
    en respuesta a RayQ 2

    Nesspresso? Hmmm...

    The coffee machine is not for me, but for a friend, but we both have the same opinion. We don’t like that ";caplets"; mechanism needed to doing coffee.
    I like the ancient method of grind coffe, whatever Blue Montain, Costa Rica or any other.... Hmmm... I fall in love with coffee every time I open the coffe-grinder (well, I don’t whether it’s the right name ;) after grind coffee... Hmmm... I love it!
    Thanks for the suggestions Ray and Suiko.



  5. 5
    en respuesta a jose 4

    Re: Nesspresso? Hmmm...

    Yeah, give Nestlé a miss! Who needs em when you can buy and do your own Colombian, Guatemalan, Kenyan, Sumatran...

  6. 6
    en respuesta a suiko 5

    Re: Nesspresso? Hmmm...

    Ok OK OK gimme a break !! ;-)

    actually suiko my experience is exactly the opposite of yours, I have a Gaggia (£200)
    and much prefer my stove top pot.

    And while I always grind my beans freshly each morning I was surprised at how good the Nespresso coffee was. A better crema than my Gaggia.
    In reality I need two systems one for a nice shot of espresso and another for a long breakfast coffee.
    Actually I think I’ll go have one now !

  7. 7
    en respuesta a RayQ 6

    Re: Nesspresso? Hmmm...

    Interesting... I used to like the stovetop pot but it really doesn’t compare to the Gaggia if I use really good coffee. Just doesn’t get the aromas out of top-quality Arabica.

  8. 8
    en respuesta a suiko 7

    Re: Nesspresso? Hmmm...

    I’m your typical Seattleite in the US. I buy my coffee every morning from my local organic coffee house and I sold my coffepot as I never used it and only have a french press for when I have company. When I was in Spain last year for a few months, I was a guest of a friend in Murcia for a week or so and he had to teach me how to use the stovetop pot to make coffee. I actually liked it very much... better than the one I sold. No, I do not purchase coffee at Starbucks even though Seattle is their homebase. We had many wonderful coffee houses before they came along.

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